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Men's Facial Scrub

Men's Facial Scrub

SKU: MS12072022

Our men's facial scrub is a dry scrub and a little goes a long way for sure! Scoop some out with the bamboo spoon that comes with it, add some water to create a paste and scrub away! Scented in Tobacco Vanilla, this is a perfect gift!


    Weight: 4oz

    Colorants: None

    Scented Using Fragrance Oil

    Ingredients: Ingredients: Black Walnut Hull Powder, Pumice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance Oil


    **This is a dry scrub. You'll need to add water to get the consistency you'd prefer**


    This is a skin care product. We make no medical claims and have not been advised by any medical professionals of the use of any of the ingredients in these products. By purchasing these products, you are assuming any risk associated with any possible allergies, reactions or illness, with no liability on our part. If any of the ingredients listed may possibly cause you harm, please consult with a medical professional before use. Please be sure to read all ingredients listed before purchasing. 


    PLEASE NOTE: All scrubs are made in small batches and the colorants may vary depending on suppliers at the time. The product you receive may differ slightly from the photograph. However, we promise you'll love it just the same. 

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